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Adam Curtis, Sculptor

Adam Curtis is a large scale abstract metal sculptor who has been making artwork for 30 years. One of his earliest collectors was Virgin Atlantic Airlines and he has been placing work in private collections as well as public commissions ever since.


He has been represented by galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Europe and Sante Fe, NM. He has exhibited in numerous group and two-person shows as well as solo shows including one in Zurich Switzerlad at the Turske-Whitney Gallery.


He has had large pieces on display in Chicago at the Navy pier, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Private collections include the Eli Broad Collection.


Major themes iclude civil structures such as bridges and viaducts with details being oversized such as bridge shoes for greater emphasis. He makes frequent references to the classical forms such as obelisks and arches and places them in juxtaposition with modernist references such as airplanes or inverts them by placing them on wheels. He is interested in drawing attention to the overlooked foundations of things by underscoring ways they could be made fragile or inverted, therby drawing attention to the intensional stability all around us that we often take for granted. He is also concerned with the simplification of form, often referring to elemental nature of mass and gravity.

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